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The Mesquite Dog, mascot of the company, is actually Lara Lou.  She is my service dog, who is a goof ball and is as adorable in person as she appears in the picture.

One day I was thinking and re-evaluating my life, wondering what I could do that I would enjoy doing.  I listed everything that I was good at and that I liked to do. What came out on top has now become Mesquite Dog Records.  I am very good at organizing, and I love to help people.

Many people love to be organized but really do not know how.  Or they don't know what is important to save or keep. So I have developed these kits to help.  My goal was to keep things as simple as possible, but have something that people would actually use.

I hope you like what I have developed, and I have many more kits in the development stages. So please keep checking back for new and simple kits.





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